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What We Do:

OK2A is a multi-faceted organization that is dedicated to the development and implementation of sound Second Amendment public policy.

The Oklahoma Second Amendment Association develops Second Amendment policy and defends the right to keep and bear arms in the courts.  The Association also seeks to strengthen the firearms industry and encourages all gun owners to be well-trained.

The Oklahoma Second Amendment PAC (OK2A-Action) seeks to implement the research of the Association into Oklahoma statutes.  OK2A-Action also supports pro-Second Amendment candidates for public office, especially the Legislature, Governor, Attorney General, District Attorney, and County Sheriff.

High Caliber Ladies is under development.  HCL will seek to promote the shooting sports among women and to address self-defense issues unique to women..

The James Caldwell Society approaches the Second Amendment for a Biblical perspective.  Caldwell seeks to encourage Christians to engage in public policy debates relating to self-defense.  Caldwell also works to raise awareness to the rise in church violence and encourages churches to develop policy and seek training to ensure a secure environment in their churches.

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Firearms Legal Defense Program

US Law Shield represents members in any legal proceeding (criminal or civil), for zero attorney's fees.  This includes all criminal charges arising from the "use" of a gun.  Coverage is offered for the individual, family (including minor children), and for those who travel. 

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